Peedie Cott Self Catering

Transportation Options

Staying at Peedie Cott means enjoying easy access to various transportation options, making it a breeze to explore the beautiful Orkney Islands.

Pentland Ferries - MV Alfred

Peedie Cott is within walking distance of the MV Alfred, operated by Pentland Ferries. The ferry service provides a convenient and reliable way to travel between the Scottish Mainland and the Orkney islands. To view the ferry timetable and book tickets,

visit the Pentland Ferries website.

Bus Service to Kirkwall and Stromness

Frequent buses connect St. Margaret's Hope to Kirkwall and Stromness, making it easy to explore Orkney's largest towns. The X1 bus route offers regular service between St. Margaret's Hope, Kirkwall, and Stromness. To view the X1 bus timetable,

please click the following link: X1 Bus Timetable.

To view the bus service map, click the following link: Bus Service Map. This map provides a visual representation of the bus route connecting St. Margaret's Hope, Kirkwall, and Stromness.

Orkney Ferries

Orkney Ferries offers a comprehensive network of inter-island ferry services, making it easy to explore the smaller islands around Orkney. To view the timetable, route maps, and to book tickets,

visit the Orkney Ferries website.


Loganair offers regular flights to and from Orkney, connecting it with various destinations in the UK. One of the most intriguing air travel experiences is the world's shortest flight, which takes place right here in the Orkney. This brief yet memorable journey connects the islands of Papa Westray and Westray. The flight duration is a mere two minutes or less, depending on the wind conditions. To explore this unique travel opportunity, for flight schedules, booking, and other information,

visit the Loganair website.

To travel between Kirkwall and Orkney Airport, you can use the airport bus service. For more details and to view the timetable,

visit the Orkney Airport Bus Service timetable.

NorthLink Ferries

NorthLink Ferries provides another option for traveling between the Scottish Mainland and the Orkney and Shetland Islands. With comfortable onboard accommodation and facilities, it's an enjoyable way to travel. Peedie Cott is located approximately 25 miles (40 km) from the NorthLink Ferries terminal in Stromness. To view the ferry timetable, route maps, and to book tickets,

visit the NorthLink Ferries website.

In summary, staying at Peedie Cott gives you easy access to a wide range of transportation options, making it an excellent base for exploring the stunning Orkney Islands.

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